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See all your traffic and revenue numbers on one dashboard. Overlaying data from your various revenue streams with traffic data is the only way to effectively optimize your entire portfolio.

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Our site and your information is protected by bank-level encryption and hosted in a secure data center. Data security is the single most important feature that we've built into Site Portfolio Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Site Portfolio Manager?

Site Portfolio Manager automatically aggregates revenue and traffic data from all your various networks and tracking accounts into a a single interface. Through highly visual dashboards, rich with graphs and tables we make it easy to identify trends, analyze cause and effect, and understand why changes are happening in your portfolio early.

Why Do I Need It?

To grow a multi-website business you need to manage your website assets like you would a stock portfolio. Know when to focus on individual sites for growth, what type of monetization is working, or even when to sell a property. Site Portfolio Manager makes all of this easy so you can make smart decisions about where to spend your limited time and resources.

What data feeds does Site Portfolio Manager support?

We have automated the process of importing and updating revenue data from some of the largest networks like Google Analytics, Adsense,, Clickbank and others. A flexible manual entry and import process enables you to track any revenue from an unlimited number of sources. We will continue to add additional networks based on user feedback.

How much does Site Portfolio Manager cost?

We made it really easy for you: SitePortfolioManager is 100% free forever, making it possible for you to track revenue and traffic for an unlimited number of domains at zero cost to you.