About Us

Site Portfolio Manager is developed by Foresite Media and is the brainchild of Willem Grobler, the founder of the company. Foresite manages and owns a large portfolio of websites and has been tracking them using mostly Excel spreadsheets for aggregating data finding inter-dependencies for many years. Willem strongly believes that to effectively manage a large portfolio of sites in today’s ever changing online world of algorithm updates, fast moving marketing strategies and limited resources, you need to look at your sites in the same way as you would a stock portfolio.

Portfolio management at its heart has two simple goals: increase profits and minimize risks. To do this successfully you need both a very clear understanding of the high-level picture as it relates to your portfolio as well as the ability to focus in on individual properties and know when to take action.

The only effective way to get this done is by aggregating all your revenue, traffic and other data for all your domains into a single interface. So we went looking for a tool that could do that. While there are plenty of traffic trackers and some cool dashboards out there, none could do what we wanted. Regardless of how good they were at doing one thing or the other none has the ability to bring all the different performance indicators together and pro-actively push information to us to help us make smart decisions that would grow our business.

So we built Site Portfolio Manager.

After 7 months of development we like what we have and we think you will too. We have a lot of additional features and functionality that we believe should be part of an application like this, and we’re excited to keep on adding them. After all we’re not just checking the boxes, we actually use Site Portfolio Manager every day.