Site Portfolio Manager Now Free and Better

When we started Site Portfolio Manager our mission was to become the app which offers everything you need to optimize your sites and monetization methods to reduce risk and increase your profits for your whole website portfolio. That is still our mission, but after a year in operation and great feedback from our users, we’ve realized that […]

Domain Monitor – New Feature

We’ve added a new feature to Site Portfolio Manager to help you keep track of your all your domains, no matter where they’re registered. You don’t have to make any changes to your portfolio. You can it in action on your Domains page. What’s New: 1. RegistrarIf we can find the registrar for your domain […]

Tracking Events – New Feature

We’ve added a new feature to Site Portfolio Manager that will help you track events and dates that are significant to your sites or portfolio. They can be related to movements in the SEO or online marketing world, be niche specific to any group of domains or even relate to an individual domain, like a […]

Welcome to Site Portfolio Manager!

At Foresite Media, the parent company of Site Portfolio Manager, we’ve been managing hundreds of websites for years. Regardless of the size, type or subject matter of the sites once your websites become your business, you should do whatever you can to run them as profitably as possible. We’ve created this app for anyone who […]