Data Security

We realize that data security is the single most important requirement for any web application, or at least so it should be and it is for us. We also understand that the intellectual property contained in your performance data is a critical part of your competitive edge. Here are some of the things we do (and don’t do) to ensure your data is safe.

  • Limited Access – We gather and collect performance data and statistics from networks that you add to your portfolio. Our preferred method of collecting this data is via secure API access. This usually requires a secret / authentication / API key allowing us to read performance data only. In those limited cases where a network do not have an API, we will ask for username and password information and we will alert you when we do so. All our data transfers are encrypted (see below) and passwords are encrypted so we cannot read them either.

  • Full Control – You choose which network and tracking accounts to add and when you choose to remove or delete any network from your list we will immediately and fully delete all data associated with that network on our servers in your account as well. There will be no delay, there will be no leftovers, we will clean it out.

  • Data Termination and Purge – if you choose to terminate your account with us or 14 days after your Free Trial has ended we will remove all your data from our system. We cannot restore old deleted data for you, we simply do not have it anymore.

  • Strong Encryption – All your Site Portfolio Manager account information like logins and passwords are encrypted and we cannot read it ourselves. Our site page transfers are protected by strong SSL encryption (128-bit or higher) and hosted on a dedicated server in a secure data center.

  • Secure Hardware – Our servers are hosted in a world-class facility by a top hosting provider. Server room access is provided by proximity card-access system only and tracked via a computer software system. It meets requirements for organizations looking to be SSAE 16 or PCI/DSS compliant

  • Our Development Team – All development on Site Portfolio Manager is done in-house. We do NOT outsource work on our web applications to avoid the (even remote) risk of compromising your security through our code.

  • Our Commitment To You – We work with many clients who put a lot of trust in us. Our sole goal at Site Portfolio Manager is to develop tools and software that will help you make smart business decisions and grow your company. We will not breach that trust by venturing into data mining and pilfering. It is not part of our business DNA and it’s not a smart long term business strategy.