How It Works

We’ll Get You Started in Under 3 Minutes

On your first login, our Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of adding domains as well as your first traffic and revenue accounts to your portfolio. You can always add additional domains and accounts from within Site Portfolio Manager later.

Quick Setup Wizzard

Main Dashboard View of Your Entire Porfolio

All your most important performance indicators are shown on a visual Dashboard so you can start making sense of your data immediately. The Dashboard has been configured to push information about those sites and networks that you need to know about at any time towards the front.

Dashboard Overview

Drill Down for Deep Domain Specific Insights

Drill down into individual domains, networks, revenue types or tag groups for further insights and to really understand what’s behind the numbers. Learn why revenue or traffic is either up or down. Find patterns, do cause and effect analysis, and mitigate risks by identifying them early.

Domain Insights

Spot Cross Domain Trends and Movements

Color gradients help you see the relative performance of individual domains against others in the portfolio. Looking at this information in a single page view makes it easy to spot outliers, or sites that used have seen shifts in performance either up or down.


Tag and Group Related Websites

Our powerful tagging engine lets you tag any domain with individual or group tags according to your personal or business needs, and then filter on those. This feature makes it a breeze to set up business verticals, separate clients, or simply prioritize sites in your network.

Tags and Groups

Use Filters to See What You Want

It’s great when you have all this data in one place, but it’s not of much use if it’s not delivered according to your needs. Where the tagging system helps you organize your data, the filters help you analyze your data. Filter any view by Date, Network, Revenue Type or any combination of Tags and Groups.


An Intelligent Transaction Import Queue

A queuing algorithm will automatically attempt to associate new transaction data with the correct domain. If it cannot do so, the entry will be queued for your review. Map it to the correct domain once, and we’ll apply a little machine intelligence to know where it goes next time – saving you loads of time.

Intelligent Queue

Customize Your Information and Screen Layout

We’ve made it easy to customize your dashboards to fit your screen size. Add and remove widgets and drag and drop them to change your layout. Our widget library will keep growing with graphs and tables to help you track those metrics that are important to your business.

Customize Your Layout