Tracking Events – New Feature

We’ve added a new feature to Site Portfolio Manager that will help you track events and dates that are significant to your sites or portfolio. They can be related to movements in the SEO or online marketing world, be niche specific to any group of domains or even relate to an individual domain, like a new design or network that was added. Any significant date that may impact your performance indicators can be tracked.

This is a powerful tool to help you analyze you understand what caused fluctuations or changes in traffic or earnings at any given time.

You can tracks as many Events as you want in your portfolio. To help you with this we’ve created a list of Preset events that you can easily apply to your sites. These are typically broad impact events like major Google Algorithm Updates, known public holidays and so forth. We will keep adding events to this list and notify you when a new Preset Event is available.

Event flags can be seen on your Dashboard and Insights screens on most or your line chart graphs. Hover over an event flag to see the date and event name and click on it for a more detailed description.

See the short video above for a more detailed explanation of how this feature works and how to get started using Events.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback so feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of any page in Site Portfolio Manager. If you haven’t tried Site Portfolio Manager yet, Start your 30-Day Free Trial today!