Welcome to Site Portfolio Manager!

At Foresite Media, the parent company of Site Portfolio Manager, we’ve been managing hundreds of websites for years. Regardless of the size, type or subject matter of the sites once your websites become your business, you should do whatever you can to run them as profitably as possible. We’ve created this app for anyone who owns or manages multiple websites, whether it be 5 or 500. Second only to creating a great user experience you should be focused every day on optimizing your sites and your various monetization methods to reduce risk and increase your profits. To do this effectively you have to view your sites as a true “portfolio” in the same way stock and real estate investors have done for years.

While portfolio management tools for other industries are readily available most people still manages their website portfolios using either Excel spreadsheets or at the very best some in-house tool that does not provide a proper overview of the big picture, nor the ability to drill down sufficiently into low level performance data.

Site Portfolio Manager sets out to fill this gap. Our goal is simple: bring all your data, traffic and revenue, for all your domains together in one place. Then provide a powerful but simple interface that will help you make smart decisions to grow your business. We know everyone has limited time and resources. Deciding where to spend these currencies on a daily basis is critical to running a profitable online site portfolio. Site Portfolio Manager will proactively push information to you about changes in your portfolio that may need their attention – sites that have gone up or down over a certain period of time, in either revenue or traffic or both.

Categorize your sites based on industries, seasonality, technology, templates and design or ad placement strategy and then track those groups to see how they perform and change over time. How did your changes impact page views and click-through rates? How did the latest algorithm update impact your sites? Which revenue networks convert well for specific industry verticals or site layouts? When is the right time to sell an online property or shift your investment? What are the six month earnings trends of any individual property in relation to itself and the rest of the portfolio?

Finding this information and knowing what to do next for hundreds or even tens of sites at any given time can be very difficult.

We’ve completely automated the process of importing revenue from most of the major revenue networks, like Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank and others and we will continue to add new networks every month. We’ve also built a powerful importing feature that enables you to set up any custom network regardless of how small or obscure it may be, and either enter your transactions manually every month or import the data from those networks in a CSV format.

While there are tools available online that attempt to give you and overview of how your various affiliate networks are doing, and you can do that with Site Portfolio Manager as well, we believe the correct way to view your portfolio is by domain. Optimize each individual domain and site to deliver the most profit it possibly can, understand whether that is enough in relation to other sites in your portfolio and for the effort you’re putting in and then make smart decisions about what to do next.

Site Portfolio Manager is the result of many years of dealing with these issues ourselves. We have a long list of additional features and functionality that we want to add, and we will. Try out our 30 day free trial. I know once you start using it you’re going to wonder how you ever managed without it. Finally, please don’t forget to send us your feedback – we’d love to hear from you on how we can improve Site Portfolio Manager.

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